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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality in your building as it relates to your health and comfort. Your air conditioning system plays a large part in the IAQ of your home or business. Poor ductwork, vents, and filters can reduce a home or business’s IAQ, while new systems can eliminate indoor air pollution for good. Avoid breathing indoor air toxins with the proper HVAC system.


The Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality


Indoor air can carry more toxins and pollution than outdoor air. With a poor HVAC system, contaminates such as mold, bacteria, dirt, pet dander, dust, pollen, chemical vapors, and viruses circulate from room to room. Poor indoor air quality affects everyone, but it’s especially harmful for children and pets. Signs that you have poor indoor air quality include:


  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • New or worsened asthma symptoms


These are short-term exposure symptoms that are reversible and treatable. Long-term health effects won’t appear unless indoor air quality is especially poor for a long period of time, but symptoms can include respiratory disease, heart disease, and even cancer. The air you breathe is the most important environmental concern in your household. Treat it with the attention it deserves by hiring a professional HVAC team with IAQ improvement capabilities.


How to Improve Indoor Air Quality


Environmentally sustainable HVAC systems can reduce energy consumption and maintain high standards of indoor air quality. The most advanced systems on the market have high-functioning air filters that bring fresh, clean air into the home. Today’s HVAC systems prioritize air quality but still require proper cleaning and maintenance. Duct cleaning and replacement is one of the most important ways to actively promote better IAQ in your home or business.


When your air ducts get dirty, they circulate bad air throughout your home. Proper duct cleaning will sanitize to kill dangerous mold, mildew, and bacteria, as well as eliminate harmful debris, smoke odors, and other airborne pollutants. Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning performs duct cleaning and replacement for your best chance of fighting off contaminates. We’ll show you visible pollutants within your ducts and clean or replace them as necessary.


Cleaning your ducts can improve air quality, but a total replacement may be your best solution. If your ducts are old outdated, they can contain contaminants a cleaning won’t get rid of. Replacing old ductwork with new, more efficient models can improve your IAQ. Our technicians always perform replacements according to top industry standards and will seal your ducts to prevent future air quality contamination.
We recommend annual duct maintenance to prevent ventilation issues. You should also consider installing a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter or air filtration system for maximum protection. To schedule your duct cleaning or replacement with Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning, call (727) 786-3276 or try our online appointment book.

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