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Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning Review

Reviewed By: Jim T
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Comment When your AC is only a yr younger than your tech (27 v. 28) it may be time to replace it. This, despite the unit has been serviced 2 times a yr for at least the past 17 yrs. The tie-breaker was two-fold. The house is for sale and Gen-X'ers want everything new and the unit required a couple of lbs or more of R22 at a cost somewhere close to the national debt. So why PH H@AC? Because a little over a yr ago, I had its younger bro or sis replaced when salt-air ate the fan blades into dust. And that (and only that) was why your tech came back - annual ck-up.
Once the house is sold, I will be moving locally and so will keep PH H@AC in mind in case... Just in case!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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