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Indoor Air Quality Improvement Service in Tampa, FL

Indoor Air Quality Services in Tampa Bay, Florida

Every homeowner wants to live in a happy, healthy home. Achieving that goal is not always easy. Many factors can impact your home's health. At the top of the list is poor indoor air quality.

When the air you breathe is filled with contaminants, you’re more likely to get sick. To successfully get rid of the airborne irritants, the ideal solution is to call Palm Harbor Heating and Air Conditioning. We are HVAC service professionals.

Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Clean and Healthy

Contact Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning when the quality of your indoor air is diminished. Our company has been in the HVAC business for more than four decades. We know what creates an unhealthy indoor airflow and how to remedy it.

We’re committed to helping the residents of Tampa Bay, Florida improve their home health through a variety of services:

Duct Cleaning

A prominent reason for poor indoor air quality is dirty ductwork. Each time the duct system receives and blows out air, it retains dirt, dust and other debris. Removing the irritants is not easy, especially if they’re located deep inside the ducts. Fortunately, our company features state-of-the-art cleaning tools that reach deep into the duct system to get rid of debris.

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Duct Repair and Replacement

Damaged air ducts allow airborne contaminants into the building. They create fertile breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and other contaminants. To keep the air clean and fresh, it's crucial that damaged ducts are repaired quickly and effectively.

At Palm Harbor, we have the skill and savvy to fix the damage and remove any hazardous substances from the duct system. We will work tirelessly to eliminate your airborne contaminants immediately.

If we think the affected area is beyond repair, we’ll suggest replacing your duct system. A replacement system is often the fastest and most cost-effective option.

Other Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air

If you want to ensure that your home’s air quality stays clean and healthy, we can inspect the condition of your entire HVAC system. Problems can surface in your AC unit or furnace, as well as your duct work. Once we identify the source of the contamination, we’ll eliminate it immediately.

We're Ready to Improve Your Air Quality

Contact us at 727-786-3276 and our staff will be happy to answer questions, schedule an appointment or provide a free estimate. Palm Harbor serves the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

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