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Why is My AC Frozen?

Imagine this scenario. You are lazing at home on a Saturday and you notice your AC is not cooling your room as it should. You get up to check why and notice that it has iced up. What should you do? Why did this happen?

This scenario is not that rare. In fact, it happens all the time and people are left to wonder why their AC is freezing up. There are actually a few reasons why this happens, and here are some of those reasons:

  • Poor airflow – when there isn’t enough air to warm the coils, the result is usually the formation of ice. Proper airflow is what brings in warm air that helps prevent condensation from freezing in the coils. When this happens, you need to check air vents, dampers, ducts, and filters to find out where the blockage is.
  • There is a problem with your refrigerant – sometimes your refrigerant will freeze the condensation on the coils instead of simply cooling the air that is passing through, it freezes it instead. This results in ice forming on your air-conditioner coils.
  • Dirty coils – you should also know that not having your AC cleaned at least once every six months will result in this problem. This is because the dirt that accumulates on the coils will act like a sponge and absorb the water instead of having it drop into the drip pan. This will freeze over because of the moisture present in the dirty coils.
  • Broken blower fan – this fan does more than just blow cold air into your room, but rather, it also sucks warm air out of your room. This warm air is what keeps the coils from freezing over, and if there is no warm air to prevent this from happening, you get yourself a frozen AC.

These are just four of the possible reasons why your AC is freezing up. Other causes include short cycling and not enough warm air to help keep the coils from freezing over.

When you find your AC malfunctioning and freezing up, you should get in touch with Northside Services for help. Installing HVAC systems is just one of our specializations in Tampa, FL. We also handle AC service and repair and AC tune-ups. If your AC is acting up, you can contact us at 727-786-3276 and we will gladly come over to give your AC a thorough check to help you find out what is causing it to freeze over.

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