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Duct Cleaning Services in Tampa Bay, FL

Duct Cleaning Services in Tampa Bay, Florida

Even if you don’t smoke and choose to "go green" when you clean, the quality of your indoor air environment can still be compromised by contaminants. One of the most common indoor issues is a dirty duct system.

Air that travels through the ducts picks up dust, dirt and debris when it circulates. The mixture builds up over time, making the air ducts a potential breeding ground for bacteria, mold and other irritants. They can lower your HVAC’s performance and shorten its lifespan.

To minimize their impact, you must clean the duct system. That is a task best left to professionals with specialized blowers, vacuums and brushes designed to meet that need. The solution is to contact Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning. Our company has everything you need to clean your dirty ducts.

Leave the Dirty Work to Us

At Palm Harbor Heating and Air Conditioning, we have serviced thousands of HVAC systems. We've been cleaning ducts for more than four decades, so we know how dirty they can get. Let us use our proven procedures to freshen up the air flow in your system today.

We Do More Than Ducts

While servicing your system, we will address every component of your ductwork. We'll deal with the ducts, clean the registers, change the air filters and freshen up the air handler. Our licensed technicians will have your ducts free from contaminants and boost your indoor air quality in no time.

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